My Wings Aria feat. Joan Silentio

by Aurelleah



Below you'll find a story better felt than heard, in a world better lived than felt.

Siege of Canterlot - Part One:

It is a few years after the events at the Canterlot Wedding, and Chrysalis has been wasting no time in regrouping her armies and growing in power. As the numbers of her minions grow, there is only one thing holding them back from attacking: That is, lack of sustenance. Being creatures that feed off love is problematic when there is no love nearby to feed on....

...That is, until Chrysalis learns how to convert other emotions, such as fear, into a form of energy they can consume to sustain themselves. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Chrysalis finally gives the order to begin advancing towards the great city. They begin the siege, destroying the entire lands around the city, ever feeding, ever growing off the fear induced in their victims. That is, until they finally see the city on the horizon.

Part Two - The Defense of the Citadel:
Word of the siege had reached Canterlot mere days before the coming attack. Every able bodied person was expected to assist in the defense and preparing for the siege. The young, the infirm, and the female population were evacuated through the Crystal Caverns deep beneath the Citadel. Above ground, preparations are made in earnest: A new Arcano-Technology had been developed to help in the defense of the city should an army attack again, in the form of a city-wide shield generator. The Unicorn defenders had faith in the generators, that they would be able to channel their magics into them, and they would keep them safe while the Pegasi could rain fire from above.

...However, they hadn't accounted for the changelings' abilities to feed off fear in addition to love, meaning that the shield would not be enough to withstand the force of the swarm. The defenders manage to hold off the changeling long enough for the populous to escape, but only just long enough. Cadence was tasked with the safe delivery and protection of those who could not protect themselves, and to guide them through the mass of caverns that lay below the city. Shining was tasked with leading the defense and inspiring vigor in the troops.

Part Three - My Wings Aria:

Word on whether or not the defenders managed to stave off the invasion and win the fight failed to reach the Crystal Empire in later days, and after many days passed, those who managed to survive began to fear the worst.

Cadence, who was now tasked as the ruler of the Crystal Empire and Canterlot in the place of the alicorns that stayed to defend. As she does her very best to keep up the spirits of those waiting on their loved ones' return, she felt increasingly weighed down by the same fear she was trying to protect against, although she refused to give up hope.

Enter My Wings Aria.

> Shining Armor, you told me not to cry
> But it's so hard;
> Ev'ry day that passes by
> Tears more at my heart
> Shining Armor, I know you meant your best
> When you stayed behind;
> Without your heartfelt sacrifice
> We might not've had the time
> But it still hurts, waking up without you here
> Even spells can't quell the fear;
> That I might not get to see your face
> Or fall asleep held in your embrace, ever again
> Or hear you tell me
> About your hopes, your fears, your dreams;
> But although it's been so long my hope still runs strong
> So I'll keep searching on...
> My Wings will carry our weight
> No matter how much they ache;
> And I will never stop searching the world
> For signs of your escape
> And if, the darkness would come
> And claim the hope that spurs me on;
> I'll spend all of my days, waiting for
> The one who made my life, a life worth fighting for~

Part Four - Somewhere Far Away (coming soon)

The fourth and final installment in the My Wings Aria series is going to be Somewhere Far Away. Hope to get it done in a month or two, and will have both male and female singing (maybe from yours truly ;P)

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released October 9, 2015
Aurelleah - Vocal Processing, composition, mixing/mastering
Joan Silentio - Vocals



all rights reserved


Aurelleah Ontario

Self-taught musican and artist, I make orchestral, melodic dubtstep and EDM.
Songs are not in chronological order.

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