On Wings of Moonlight (Feat. 1004Lights & Megan McDuffee)

by Aurelleah



Wings of Moonlight is an Epic Orchestral vocal piece inspired by Ponyphonic's Lullaby for a Princess. It tells the story of Luna and Celestia in their final moments before before Luna turns on her sister and becomes Nightmare Moon; For over a year we've worked to compose, orchestrate, record and edit this song to make it the best story we can tell


Darkened thoughts Clouding innocent lives
The past mistakes Of simpler times
Shroud the world in sorrow
For losing you to the monster you built inside

And though it pains me to fight with you
Over the torment that you've gone through
No reassurance can dispell
All of the sorrow that's been left behind

The world I've known has been nothing but lies
And far too long have I stood by your side
Obscurred by the endless shadow of your
Feigned respect and your broken promises

A fallen star forgotten by her night
On broken wings In silent flight
Assurance made of harmony but spoken
With out love or the slightest bit of truth

How can you pretend to know the pain I've felt
Spending every day in the dark
Living in the shadow cast
By my ever brighter solar counterpart

Spending every night alone
Excluded from any praise
For the work that I've done
And the efforts that I made

You don't have go do this
We can go back
You won't have to deal with
this sadness you have

Now Don't you see, sister?
It's too late for that
I've spent too long
Giving all I had

Enjoy your precious sunlight
Cause now it's time to dream
Now the night will last forever
And in your nightmares I'll hear your screams

Oh sister,
I am sorry,
But the world won't bear the weight
Of the foolishness I had
And the errors of my ways

I'll walk a thousand crushing nights
Reliving the every word I heard
Until the day I make it right
Until the day that you return


released August 1, 2017
Aurelleah - Producer, Composer
1004Lights - Vocals as Luna
Megan McDuffee - Vocals as Celestia



all rights reserved


Aurelleah Ontario

Self-taught musican and artist, I make orchestral, melodic dubtstep and EDM.
Songs are not in chronological order.

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