On Wings of Moonlight (Instrumental)

by Aurelleah



On Wings of Moonlight is an epic orchestral vocal aria about Celestia and Luna's final moments before Luna's 1000 year exile. I've been working on this song, trying to perfect it and make it the best I could for over a year. Every note, every chord, and every verse has a purpose and a meaning. Please, close your eyes. Place yourself in the scene, and imagine the story as it would have happened. Feel the grief, feel the regret, and feel the solemnness as Celestia has no choice but to use the elements of harmony to entomb her sister for the good of the world she lives in.

Despite this being a very costly song to produce between singer fees, licensing and libraries; I want everyone to have the chance to enjoy it and as such I won't be putting a minimum price. Please, share the music with everyone you can, give them copies, give them downloads, burn CD's, whatever you need to do to get this heard by everyone.


released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Aurelleah Ontario

Self-taught musican and artist, I make orchestral, melodic dubtstep and EDM.
Songs are not in chronological order.

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